Jun. 6th, 2009

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Still woke up at 2:00, but something exciting - I drove on Route 22! To the Dollar Tree. It was very frightening, and I was kind of quietly panicky the whole way, but I managed to park in a parking space. I feel better about driving now that I've had some nominal practice. I... I think I like going fast. SPEEDING YEAH

I read some Shintaro Kago last night at 2:00 - TOTAL MINDFUCK. It was great, if kind of disgusting. Guro is amazing.

Browsing hetalia_sims is awakening my latent desire for Sims 3. I could definitely afford it, but will I have enough space on my computer? Especially if I'm to make this baby last four years.

And another stirring - I kind of want to RP? Arghh, nooo. This is all rp_anonmeme's fault. I don't even know who I'd play as. Austria? Norway?? And WHERE. And how. I don't think I could do it...

p.s. I promise to update more often. ;~;
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LAZY, what the fuck else is new?

I sun-tanned a little, but I really just want to sleep... I guess I'm going driving at some point today? Meh.

Soo, driving was I almost crashed into the back of a car because I DIDN'T BRAKE FAST ENOUGH, and then I almost got hit making a left-hand turn because I WAS GOING TOO SLOW. I really don't like driving, my heart feels fluttery and nervous just thinking about it, I think I'm moving to Sweden in the city so I can take public transportation.

Oh shit, Bulgaria just invaded page 18. AND HE ISN'T STOPPING YET.

Edit, 9:05: He surrendered on page 22. Glorious war, but alas...


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