Jul. 14th, 2009

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N-no, today was not nearly as productive as it could have been. I still have to clean my room quite thoroughly. And get off the computer. Goddamn it, where is my willpower.

The very important thing is, I registered for my fall semester classes today. That was a huge headache. I was very snippy and anxious during the whole ordeal, but mother is patient. My schedule is looking to be:
• Art Foundation I
• Native American Arts (an art history class, arghh, with "discussion" every Wednesday evening)
• Asian Religions
• The Making of Europe

However, I got wait-listed for Making of Europe. adfsjklf;fds NOT GOOD. That's the only history that fits in my schedule. I sent an email to the chair of... whatever at Alfred, all but pleading that I be let into the class. I'm too nervous to check it tonight. ;;

I do feel pretty relieved, at least.
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I dreamt of continental drift last night. It was horrifying.

I'm considering buying paid time here. Supposedly money's very low, and I don't want Inksome to go under. :( Six months is $15, which is the same as LJ... or I could buy three months for $9. Decisions, decisions!

I feel good about driving now. Time to seriously investigate taking my road test.

And... I really need to go to sleep before 5:00 AM today. I was all but falling asleep suntanning today. Need to clean, clean everything!


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