niche: (JAP ❱ zinpangu)
clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-07-08 10:45 pm

Stop, stop, stop all the dancing;

Got a big folder from Alfred University in the mail today. Ahhh, scary scary. I apparently have to create a "Visual and Material archive" of stuff before I actually get there. I don't think I can handre this already. Registering for classes has yet to actually happen, but we're waiting for my (almost definitely ABYSMAL) AP scores to do that.

DRIVING is getting better every day, or at least I'm fairly sure. I'm not quite there yet - there's always a tiny part of me that worries I'M GOING TO DIE, but I have some semblance of faith in myself.

I also got to sign some of mom's big ol' Democratic petitions. I feel so grown up. :') And I made this banner for the main comm, wheee.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending most of the afternoon celebrating my neighbor's birthday. +10 for actually being social! That means I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour - hopefully I'll catch the meme maxing?

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