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clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-06-26 11:08 pm
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Aaah, I feel giddy.

What a horribly lazy day... Tomorrow I resolve to wash McDuff, drive (after four days of not driving oh god) and go out to dinner with dad to celebrate his summer vacation.

I can't believe we're on part twenty already. Goddamn, I've wasted five months of my life on that site. I never thought I'd be spending this much time on Livejournal, of all places. But... I'm really happy I've managed to make friends, especially while staying anon (for the most part). I love you all. ;u;

Friending meme still makes me nervous but I'M GROWING SOME BALLS TONIGHT. Hopefully I can charm someone....

RE: layouts; I WAS SO HORRIBLY WORRIED BEFORE but I'm glad layout four is in the lead! I really wouldn't be able to handre it if five won... oh, Safari, why do I cling to you?

And this is fabulous:
Even in the area of international jokes, however, the national 'rinse' begins to show. Take, for example, the old joke about the journalists who organized a competition to write an article about elephants. The titles were as follows:

English: Hunting Elephants in British East Africa
French: The Love Life of Elephants
German: The Origin and Development of the Indian Elephant from 1200 to 1950 (600 pages)
American: How to Breed Bigger and Better Elephants
Russian: How We Sent an Elephant to the Moon
Swede: Elephants and the Welfare State
Spaniard: Techniques of Elephant Fighting
Indian: The Elephant as a Means of Transportation before Railroads
Finn: What Elephants Think about Finland

This joke ... pokes fun at various national faiblesses (weaknesses): French lust, German seriousness, American bragging, British colonialism and so on. The punch line is the Finns' preoccupation with what others think about them. In Helsinki, however, the Finns developed an alternative punch line by adding a Norwegian title: "Norway and Norway's Mountains." Finns, Swedes, and Danes find this alternative absolutely sidesplitting. The Norwegians, who consider themselves a humorous people, do not find this ending funny at all. In fact, they do not understand it. Do you?

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