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clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-07-05 11:59 pm
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Yesterday was really fun, despite my initial misgivings about going out and actually living for once. We picked up Janet and Aunt Nula on our way to the city and spent about an hour stuck in traffic, but Nula knows people, so we secured a spot through one of her firefighter buddies.

We ate at Campo, which was a ridiculously adorable Italian place. The artisan pizza was SO GOOD, I have to go back there one day. Then we all took the subway to the West Side, to watch the fucking fireworks. Bea gave her leftovers to a man in a wheelchair whom she thought was homeless, but, UH. Mos def not.

The police blockaded off some of the streets, so we were stuck standing around on a corner. So multicultural!

Nula talks about Al a lot, and all her travels around the world. I guess she's nostalgic.

Today was lazy. God, I did nothing worry of mention. Pat turned 20.


Oh my god, let's make a baby together. *3*

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