Icon posts are so incredibly draining, and yet I feel somewhat accomplished.

Yesterday was rainy and I had my eye doctor's appointment. No real change in my prescription. I drove home, which was mildly terrifying because I kept having to brake really quickly...!

TODAY, well, I spent most of the afternoon fixing up the icons. No walk today, or yesterday, hmm. But I did go to Bed, Bath and Beyond with mom and Bea. I got, among other things, a towel, an under-the-bed storage container, lovely pink hangers, a shower caddy, pillows, a whiteboard, an Andy Warhol calendar... Uwah, so much bought, and still so much left to buy!

Credit card company: PLEASE TO BE AUTHORIZING TONIGHT. Rename-kun needs to happen!! Not to mention I need more icon space for this baby...

I feel so tired and stupid now. |D
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Today I had a dental cleaning; the hygienist was really nice. Much to my surprise (and RELIEF), I am cavity-free and healthy-gummed! NEED TO KEEP BRUSHING. Afterwards we stopped by an AT&T to check out the iPhones. I ordered the 3GS today! Much excitement. *o*

I got lazy this evening. Dad and Bea fighting didn't help, and I never did take my walk today. Tomorrow, yes. I revamped my LJ tonight! I keep clicking over and admiring it... Now all I need is a rename and I am lookin' good.

Dinner... I don't think I ate dinner. I'm sort of hungry, but it's too late for mac and cheese? Buhgluhh.

Tomorrow -- )

EDIT: I talked to Patrick on AIM. Hopefully he'll come home before I leave.
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Why do I always fall asleep in the car nowadays? AM I GETTING OLD? I wish reading while driving didn't make me so nauseous; I've only read the introduction and a few pages of Iron Kingdom.

Our cabin is actually pretty big. It has a TV, shower and faster than dial-up internet access. Still, it's close quarters - I feel squished.

So far I've missed 4 pages of the meme. Apparently racist troll is back? Whatever, I'm not bothering catching up until Sunday. Although we'll probably probably be on another part by then... SIGH. Will you keep me updated if anything majah happens? I-if you're even on the meme anymore, that is. ;3;

BUT I look forward to this internet break. University visiting tomorrow. THAT SHOULD BE FUN I GUESS.
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N-no, today was not nearly as productive as it could have been. I still have to clean my room quite thoroughly. And get off the computer. Goddamn it, where is my willpower.

The very important thing is, I registered for my fall semester classes today. That was a huge headache. I was very snippy and anxious during the whole ordeal, but mother is patient. My schedule is looking to be:
• Art Foundation I
• Native American Arts (an art history class, arghh, with "discussion" every Wednesday evening)
• Asian Religions
• The Making of Europe

However, I got wait-listed for Making of Europe. adfsjklf;fds NOT GOOD. That's the only history that fits in my schedule. I sent an email to the chair of... whatever at Alfred, all but pleading that I be let into the class. I'm too nervous to check it tonight. ;;

I do feel pretty relieved, at least.


Jul. 5th, 2009 11:59 pm
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Yesterday was really fun, despite my initial misgivings about going out and actually living for once. We picked up Janet and Aunt Nula on our way to the city and spent about an hour stuck in traffic, but Nula knows people, so we secured a spot through one of her firefighter buddies.

We ate at Campo, which was a ridiculously adorable Italian place. The artisan pizza was SO GOOD, I have to go back there one day. Then we all took the subway to the West Side, to watch the fucking fireworks. Bea gave her leftovers to a man in a wheelchair whom she thought was homeless, but, UH. Mos def not.

The police blockaded off some of the streets, so we were stuck standing around on a corner. So multicultural!

Nula talks about Al a lot, and all her travels around the world. I guess she's nostalgic.

Today was lazy. God, I did nothing worry of mention. Pat turned 20.

Oh baby! )
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lol I will certainly update with more driving things but THIS CANNOT WAIT

Anyway, I did not do very much today. Drove to town the other way, a pretty great success. Still very rusty on turning, ahh.
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I always enjoy summer storms.

Mom's coming home tomorrow. She's in San Diego right now, so I'll be waking up to her home again. Finally!

Lazy, lazy. At least I am getting sun, though not enough to tan...
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I DID THE FRIENDING MEME. Oh god. I'm just happy I got some comments, at least. And... I made friends with Bunni! ♥

Went out to dinner to the Brickhouse with dad and Bea. It was pretty delicious; they make the best ever mozzarella sticks. And I drove home most of the way. Past the red light in New Milford, anyway.

My favorite oldies radio station is playing Michael Jackson songs every hour as tribute. It's so surreal...

This thread is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Eee, Japan! ;3;
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NOOOO I MISSED THE LOOK-A-LIKE THREAD! That's the only one I wanted to participate in!


In other news, I spend most of the day in the car. We dropped Mamita off at La Guardia for a month's worth of Texas, then dumped the kids at Jones Beach Theatre. We finally got to uncle Jay's on Lon Giland at 8:00, after leaving around 1:30 in the afternoon. I dicked around on the meme while we waited for the Fray concert to end.

That means no more Kastens... well, that was fast. At least mom will be coming home in four days.
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I haven't done very much the past two days. My allergies were painfully irritating yesterday, so I didn't bother going to Bard with the cousins. I haven't driven either. At least I played some Wii Tennis with Zelie, and rekindled my love for Degrassi in the wee hours of the morning. I'll have to catch up on Season 8 sometime this summer. It'll GO THERE.

Went to bed at 6:30, which means I got a whopping four hours of sleep. I miraculously woke up in time for my haircut. I'm enjoying that now.

Iran is taxing my heart. So much violence today; the Basij and the police are vicious. I don't have the heart to watch Neda tonight. Maybe tomorrow. if I'm even home at all.

I'm still sneezing, so I'm very irritable and groggy. The meme's so banal tonight, I don't know why I'm still sitting here. Am needing to go to bed early for the city tomorrow.
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I spent practically all day off the computer, isn't that something?

This afternoon dad and I drove all the way down to Port Chester to open my very own checking account. So confusing fksljs In seven to ten business days, expect a debit card in the mall. I felt so sleepy afterwards, but dad bought some D'Anafria triangula from a Peruvian store down there, and I perked up.

Then we all drove to Borders, coupons in tow. I bought Iron Kingdom and Persepolis, though I've yet to start either of them. Ran into Alison there! I think I'll IM her to make plans before she leaves.

Kastens are kind of overbearing, but still very enjoyable.

Uwaah, now I'm suffering a mean case of allergies and I just want to stuff my head into a pillow forever. It's really cold and damp too.
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So much happened today! The Kastens arrived earlier than anticipated today, and we for the early part of the day we tried to make them comfortable. Aunt Margaret brought me Nutella, which made me laugh like no other.

Mom called around 5:30. It was nice to hear her voice, however briefly.

I spent a good part of the afternoon following ontd_political's post on Iran. It was scary at first, and uncomfortable and so new, but I've started to settle into it a little. My Twitter has gone almost completely green, I've changed my location to Tehran and my time zone to GMT+3:30. It's nice to feel a part of something.

I think I have a raging crush on ProtesterHelp, mrrr.

Tell the world how they have stolen their election.
Keep updated, stay educated.
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DROVE TODAY, through town again, and then back to Hannafords.

Cleaned the kitchen floor, my floor, my makeup.

Made a friend on the meme! Bonded over Dru-love, teehee.

It's 3:20 in the morning, and I am chatting with mom on Google chat. Ahh, I am happy to be speaking with her. I miss her already. It's weird, and scary without her, but at least the Kastens will keep us company tomorrow.
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I DROVE THROUGH TOWN! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was, and I only messed up a little bit. Still, the whole driving thing is quite stressful.

Um, I'm still not really sure what's going on in Iran... lots of people are talking about it, but I don't understand very much.
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I didn't make this secret, but I really could have.

Drove to the Dollar Tree, the short way! It was a somewhat terrifying experience.

Last real day with mom. Dinner was very nice.
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Saw Up, almost cried about six times - three times before they even reached Paradise Falls!

Will miss mom a lot.
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Rome advises:
Sleep is one of the great pleasures in life! However, missing the best part of the day, or finding you are waking up at strange hours is certainly no good.

My advice to you is to stay awake as long as possible. 24 hours usually does the trick. Then when it reaches the hour you would normally rest, go to bed and wake up as normal!

Failing that, just eat a lot of delicious food and drink a lot of wonderful wine close to the time you want to sleep and things should work out just fine!

I think I'll do that.

I discovered I really like driving in fog. There's something oddly calming about it... you get to drive slowly. It was enjoyable today, especially since it was only the backroads and I got to listen to "Every Morning". Ooh hoohoo.

... "Someday"'s good too.
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I drove with mom today, for a change of pace. And I drove to the GAS STATION, and it was not as terrifying as I thought it would be. Then I drove to THE LIGHT BEFORE THAT RESTAURANT RIGHT OUTSIDE TOWN and I did pretty okay. AND I practiced a THREE POINT TURN on Travis' road. I still suck at turning, though.

Last night I changed my twitter username to "yoeko". Still not sure of it, but we'll see. Annnnd I found Prussia. Not much else to report! Mom seems to be feeling better, at least.

But that Dove Bar was so good. It was the highlight of my day.

I'd like to see Up. Perhaps this weekend, I can see it with the family before mom leaves.
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I woke up at 11:30 for once! Suntanned a bit in the afternoon, burned just enough to tan the next day.

Someone referenced The Metamorphosis on the meme, that made my morning.

I watched the first six episodes of Clone High last night. SO GOOD. I still need to finish Sex and the City, too...

Man, all I'm doing is lounging around in my bathrobe and listening to oldies radio. It's getting kind of boring. Somehow, I need to wake up early tomorrow and play Guitar Hero, and clean. And cheer up mommy.

Meanwhile... the treaty of Vienna, in October 1866, Venetia is ceded by the Austrians - to the neutral French emperor, for face-saving reasons, on the understanding that he will present the province to the king of Italy.

Basically, Austria agreed to give up Venetia, but refused to give it directly to the Italians.

Austria, you are such a dick.
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LAZY, what the fuck else is new?

I sun-tanned a little, but I really just want to sleep... I guess I'm going driving at some point today? Meh.

Soo, driving was I almost crashed into the back of a car because I DIDN'T BRAKE FAST ENOUGH, and then I almost got hit making a left-hand turn because I WAS GOING TOO SLOW. I really don't like driving, my heart feels fluttery and nervous just thinking about it, I think I'm moving to Sweden in the city so I can take public transportation.

Oh shit, Bulgaria just invaded page 18. AND HE ISN'T STOPPING YET.

Edit, 9:05: He surrendered on page 22. Glorious war, but alas...