niche: (CAN ❱ eviscerate your memory)
clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-06-18 09:40 pm
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I spent practically all day off the computer, isn't that something?

This afternoon dad and I drove all the way down to Port Chester to open my very own checking account. So confusing fksljs In seven to ten business days, expect a debit card in the mall. I felt so sleepy afterwards, but dad bought some D'Anafria triangula from a Peruvian store down there, and I perked up.

Then we all drove to Borders, coupons in tow. I bought Iron Kingdom and Persepolis, though I've yet to start either of them. Ran into Alison there! I think I'll IM her to make plans before she leaves.

Kastens are kind of overbearing, but still very enjoyable.

Uwaah, now I'm suffering a mean case of allergies and I just want to stuff my head into a pillow forever. It's really cold and damp too.

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