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Why do I always fall asleep in the car nowadays? AM I GETTING OLD? I wish reading while driving didn't make me so nauseous; I've only read the introduction and a few pages of Iron Kingdom.

Our cabin is actually pretty big. It has a TV, shower and faster than dial-up internet access. Still, it's close quarters - I feel squished.

So far I've missed 4 pages of the meme. Apparently racist troll is back? Whatever, I'm not bothering catching up until Sunday. Although we'll probably probably be on another part by then... SIGH. Will you keep me updated if anything majah happens? I-if you're even on the meme anymore, that is. ;3;

BUT I look forward to this internet break. University visiting tomorrow. THAT SHOULD BE FUN I GUESS.
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NOOOO I MISSED THE LOOK-A-LIKE THREAD! That's the only one I wanted to participate in!


In other news, I spend most of the day in the car. We dropped Mamita off at La Guardia for a month's worth of Texas, then dumped the kids at Jones Beach Theatre. We finally got to uncle Jay's on Lon Giland at 8:00, after leaving around 1:30 in the afternoon. I dicked around on the meme while we waited for the Fray concert to end.

That means no more Kastens... well, that was fast. At least mom will be coming home in four days.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 12:04 am
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I feel so left out when the meme jumps ahead EIGHT PAGES. *hairtear*

THE CITY WAS FUN, will update about that when I am feeling more coherent.

A MEME from acordak, so this isn't a completely useless post. Do I even have ten fandoms? )


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