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I haven't done very much the past two days. My allergies were painfully irritating yesterday, so I didn't bother going to Bard with the cousins. I haven't driven either. At least I played some Wii Tennis with Zelie, and rekindled my love for Degrassi in the wee hours of the morning. I'll have to catch up on Season 8 sometime this summer. It'll GO THERE.

Went to bed at 6:30, which means I got a whopping four hours of sleep. I miraculously woke up in time for my haircut. I'm enjoying that now.

Iran is taxing my heart. So much violence today; the Basij and the police are vicious. I don't have the heart to watch Neda tonight. Maybe tomorrow. if I'm even home at all.

I'm still sneezing, so I'm very irritable and groggy. The meme's so banal tonight, I don't know why I'm still sitting here. Am needing to go to bed early for the city tomorrow.
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So much happened today! The Kastens arrived earlier than anticipated today, and we for the early part of the day we tried to make them comfortable. Aunt Margaret brought me Nutella, which made me laugh like no other.

Mom called around 5:30. It was nice to hear her voice, however briefly.

I spent a good part of the afternoon following ontd_political's post on Iran. It was scary at first, and uncomfortable and so new, but I've started to settle into it a little. My Twitter has gone almost completely green, I've changed my location to Tehran and my time zone to GMT+3:30. It's nice to feel a part of something.

I think I have a raging crush on ProtesterHelp, mrrr.

Tell the world how they have stolen their election.
Keep updated, stay educated.


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