niche: (ITA ❱ ooh let me feel your heartbeat)
clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-07-21 12:34 am
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la la radio

Today I had a dental cleaning; the hygienist was really nice. Much to my surprise (and RELIEF), I am cavity-free and healthy-gummed! NEED TO KEEP BRUSHING. Afterwards we stopped by an AT&T to check out the iPhones. I ordered the 3GS today! Much excitement. *o*

I got lazy this evening. Dad and Bea fighting didn't help, and I never did take my walk today. Tomorrow, yes. I revamped my LJ tonight! I keep clicking over and admiring it... Now all I need is a rename and I am lookin' good.

Dinner... I don't think I ate dinner. I'm sort of hungry, but it's too late for mac and cheese? Buhgluhh.

To do:
✒ Eye doctor's
✒ Bed, Bath & Beyond??
✒ IS paid account???
✒ Go on a walk :)

EDIT: I talked to Patrick on AIM. Hopefully he'll come home before I leave.

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