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clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-06-07 02:17 pm

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I woke up at 11:30 for once! Suntanned a bit in the afternoon, burned just enough to tan the next day.

Someone referenced The Metamorphosis on the meme, that made my morning.

I watched the first six episodes of Clone High last night. SO GOOD. I still need to finish Sex and the City, too...

Man, all I'm doing is lounging around in my bathrobe and listening to oldies radio. It's getting kind of boring. Somehow, I need to wake up early tomorrow and play Guitar Hero, and clean. And cheer up mommy.

Meanwhile... the treaty of Vienna, in October 1866, Venetia is ceded by the Austrians - to the neutral French emperor, for face-saving reasons, on the understanding that he will present the province to the king of Italy.

Basically, Austria agreed to give up Venetia, but refused to give it directly to the Italians.

Austria, you are such a dick.