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clandestine-chan ([personal profile] niche) wrote2009-07-14 10:03 pm

Breaking apart...

I dreamt of continental drift last night. It was horrifying.

I'm considering buying paid time here. Supposedly money's very low, and I don't want Inksome to go under. :( Six months is $15, which is the same as LJ... or I could buy three months for $9. Decisions, decisions!

I feel good about driving now. Time to seriously investigate taking my road test.

And... I really need to go to sleep before 5:00 AM today. I was all but falling asleep suntanning today. Need to clean, clean everything!

[identity profile] hiroshima [] 2009-07-15 12:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh no, I didn't know the money was low. I have no money right now, though. :(
Good luck driving!

[identity profile] niche [] 2009-07-15 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, apparently if they don't get any more paid accounts, they go under in roughly two months. Time to stop being stingy. :( I think I'll go with three months time.

Thank you! o/