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Still woke up at 2:00, but something exciting - I drove on Route 22! To the Dollar Tree. It was very frightening, and I was kind of quietly panicky the whole way, but I managed to park in a parking space. I feel better about driving now that I've had some nominal practice. I... I think I like going fast. SPEEDING YEAH

I read some Shintaro Kago last night at 2:00 - TOTAL MINDFUCK. It was great, if kind of disgusting. Guro is amazing.

Browsing hetalia_sims is awakening my latent desire for Sims 3. I could definitely afford it, but will I have enough space on my computer? Especially if I'm to make this baby last four years.

And another stirring - I kind of want to RP? Arghh, nooo. This is all rp_anonmeme's fault. I don't even know who I'd play as. Austria? Norway?? And WHERE. And how. I don't think I could do it...

p.s. I promise to update more often. ;~;
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Chloe has a dead baby bird in her mouth.

Woke up at 2:00 again, still haven't gotten dressed. My fanart is at least becoming more organized, and now I'm off to JSTOR to see if my account still exists. I need to educate myself on Peru! And French Canada, and Sweden...
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"You have to change to succeed."

I suppose that is the moral of this year; change. Anicca - impermanence. Find the Middle Way between two extremes.

I'm going to miss Mr. Willmen so much, I want to cry.

Ms. Tester teared up. I did too. We were a good little group, us AP art kids.

After school, I spent about an hour with Ms. Brigance unpacking all the yearbooks, leafing through to see if there was any sign of printing failure.
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Yes, indeed. It was also the last "real" school meeting of my 2005-2009 career. Wow. Do you remember when Myspace was the place, Justin Timberlake was poppin' and hipsters hadn't yet multiplied like dandelions?

I've had every first period this week free. Had to come in for them but, hey, I get my just deserts with no classes tomorrow.

THIS MAD is amazing. I wish it was the real anime, sob.

David posted a particularly lulzy Happy Birthday, Andy! post to campus info. That smiley face? ME.

Only three classes today: Sanskrit, Econ and Eastern Thought. My favorites!

Also: Dat Portuguese ass.

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Today is horribly boring so far. I've only had art, and all we did was plan out our gallery space. No Walden today, as he's taking the Bio AP. That means no Catherine or Kate either. Man, even the meme is dead.

At least I look cute today! White paneled shirt and grey dress = hubba hubba~

I am contemplating buying an Italy One Coin figure, but shipping might be too much of a bitch. Negotiations will be pursued.

Edit: Okay, $5 shipping was too much. Dang! I am now convincing myself that $20 for a tiny gashapon is not worth it.

We watched Hoffa in econ, and now I wish the class could form our own Teamsters gang. Mr. Willmen is the mastermind organizer, Mark Myers the charismatic spokesbro, Park the brains of the outfit, and I the... cutesy button secretary. It would be BEAUTIFUL!
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Other than, well, my apparent lack of friends, today was a wonderful day!

After sleeping until 1:00, I got a first peek at the yearbook. The cover came out nicely, professionally even. Though some oversights were made (hi, reused photos) I think I'm pretty happy with it.

Then we went shopping at the mall. I saw Kate at J. Crew! Kate is very nice. She always makes you feel worthy of her time. I bought a cute little ruffly white dress for graduation. Not the fanciest thing in the world, but very wearable. And a black floral headband for prom and beyond. I'm going to be head to toe J. Crew, sob. Super-soft underwears were also bought, and some makeup. I'm going to have to learn how to apply fake eyelashes now.

Something to look forward to: POKEMON GOLD AND SILVER REMAKES! If this were last summer, I would be ecstatic, but at the moment I am pleasantly pleased.


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